Toe Kick Lighting with Ropelight

First off ropelighting only sucks when you expect to much from it. However if you are trying to create an effect or accent ropelighting can do the job with excellence.

Why do I want to put lights for my toes??? This form of accent lighting can create an excellent and note able addition in kitchens and baths and even in other cabinets. We've even had customer line the perimeter of headboards and nightstands with this stuff. The end result, a soft lit glow that will safely light a path to these areas when you might not be the most awake and don't want glaring full lights blinding you. Also enhances the effect of your undercabinet lighting.

Some people have tried using this stuff for coves and undercabinet, but it's really not the right application of this product. In some coves perhaps with a double run you may get a adequate effect, however this is best left for fluorescent, seagull or kichler linear lighting or many other of the same. We happen to stock and sell a lot of Seagull ambiance series for coves, but back to the Toe-Kick....

All you need is some time and again wiring. The ropelight is available in 120, 12 and 24 volts. So if applicable or to facilitate the wiring you may choose 12 or 24 foot. Be careful though because the 12volt is only rated for about 15 foot continuous and the 24 double that. The 120volt however can run continuously for 150 feet. With that in mind you shouldn't need much and most is less than $2 a foot. The mounting track we sell in 4 foot lengths may make this easier to install but you still have to get on the floor. All of this can be dimmed and again when used in conjunction with your undercabinet lighting it will really enhance the lighting experience or mood.

Have some fun with it, it's cheap try some on your nightstand or under your bed even. It will make your bed look like it's floating on a cloud of light!!!

Ropelight isn't yet on our website but you can email us for a quote. To comply with newer UL regulations 120vac ropelight is supposed to have molded or factory assembled ends, however we still sell it by the foot and with accessories you can assemble yourself or we'll be happy to order you kits.

We get most of our rope from American Lighting, you can see what they offer there and as with most things we'll be happy to special order you anything on their site that peaks your interest!