Automatic Closet Light:

This is another extremely simple idea that has a great effect. Just like your refrigerator you'll be poking your head in to see if the light actually went off...

Again running the wire is the hardest part. we have a wonderful little transformer/ relay package that does all the work. It's small enough to fit in A single gang box or fixture box or can also be mounted in a 1/2" knockout. It does everything simply interrupt the power wiring from the source to the fixture with the relay and run some low voltage cable to a switch to be mounted on or in the door jamb. We sell a great recessed magnetic switch for this that is incredibly easy to install and once finished you'll probably never know it's there. You can also use a surface mounted alarm contact as long as it's normally closed (most alarm contacts aren't so choose a double throw model or just buy the one we recommend.)We also have a ball switch some people prefer, however paint or debris can sometimes jam these.

Get the idea? Only 2 wires extra to run and since they are L. V. and tiny you can staple them around the door moulding or don't be lazy and fish them through the wall. You can parallel multiple switches for bi-folds or dual entries.

All you really have to do is remember to close the door!!! I have these in every room in my house with a closet and two of them have dual sliding doors. I like to cut in a box inside the closet to mount the relay and I also but a switch there so I can shut it off if I need to keep the closet open for extended periods of time. You could also put a switch in the fixture like a pull chain or rocker...

As with any electrical project please consult a licensed electrician and or your local inspector if you are not familiar with proper installation techniques and methods that may burn your house down.

Parts List: