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Product Name:  ECQML12
Product ID: ECQML12
Price: $7.77
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  Description: Siemens / Murray Circuit Breaker Handler Interlock Typically for for Generator Back-feed.

This device interlocks the handles of the Panel Main Breaker with a directly adjacent and side-by-side sub-feed breaker from your generator or other secondary supply. This will only allow one breaker to be "on" preventing feeding from both supplies at once.

This can be considered a manual transfer switch and allow every circuit be energized to the limit of you generator and the sub-feed breaker you supply for it.

Shown with 2 single pole breakers (Not Inluded) but will work with any Siemens and/or Murray Breaker with a full width handle (Including most 2-poles and 3-poles)

Listed for Type QP and BQ breakers