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Product Name:  EconoSwitch Astro Timer
Product ID: PLS750C1000
Price: $36.49
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  Description: EconoSwitchâ„¢ (White), With Astronomic Feature for Automatic compensation of Daylight Savings.

Product Specifications

+ For Incandescent lights; Halogen lights; Fluorescent lights; CFLs; Electronic ballasts; Motors (up to 1 HP)
+ Dimensions: 1-13/16 in. wide x 2-23/32 in. high x 1-13/16 in. deep
+ Single pole 3 wire; Multiswitch (3-way), 4 wire; White backlit screen; Hidden lock Mounting
+ Electrical Ratings
      Maximum Load--1800 W resistive or inductive
      1 HP motor @ 120 V
      Inductive Load--15 A @ 120 Vac
      Resistive Load--1800 W @ 120 Vac
+ Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc., CSA
+ Electrical Connections:
      Single pole 3 wire (line, load, neutral)
      Multiswitch (3-way), 4 wire (line, load, neutral, three-way)
+ Voltage 120 Vac
+ Ambient Temperature Range (F) Operating: 5 F to 122 F(-15 C to 50 C)
+ Programmability: Weekly/Daily Programming (21 on, 21 off); Solar timetable; Random
+ Operating Mode: Random; Manual (conventional on/off switch); Automatic

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