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Product Name:  12vdc LED RGB Amplifier
Price: $33.00
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If you've found this product you may already know what and why but for those of you researching:

The RGB signal amplifier does what most amplifiers do, it takes a lesser signal combines with some more power and makes it more powerful signal in very basic terms. SO, if you have ex ceded or plan to ex cede the max. length your RGB controller can safely handle you may need this or a couple of these.

This 'magic box' has ten connections:

4 wires (R,G,B, & 12+) from the main RGB control or from the end of the first section RBG product,

4 wires (R,G,B, & 12+) to the new section of RGB LED Product,

2 wires or or 2 conductor power jack (12vdc + & -)

This box can accommodate another 10amps of RGB

That's it, nothing to difficult and the freedom to put it just about any where....

The additional power feed can come from a new supply, another circuit of the existing supply or from the original power supply if it has enough power to handle it all.

This is a real simple means to synchronize your longer RGB runs.

Not DMX compatible

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