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Product Name:  12vdc RGB LED Ribbon (tape)
Product ID: LED-RGB
Price: $12.22
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  Description: 12vdc L.E.D. RGB Ribbon (tape) for indoor use by the foot

Can't Decide what color you want, you can have them all, well how about 16 million anyway!

This is the RGB (Color Changing) version of our LED ribbon. Depending on the controller, you can have access to 16 million colors.

Spec's Based on 5m (~16.2ft)

  • 36watts (~2.3 - 2.5 watts per foot)
  • Dimensions: Width 10mm Height 2mm (less than 1/2" x 1/8")
  • Cuttable every 3 LED's or 100mm (~ 4 ")
  • Dimmable (Requires Dimming RGB Controller)
  • 3M - Self Adhesive strip attached

Note on RGB Controllers. There are many RGB controllers on the market. Not all are created equally. Our less expensive versions simply give you access to 7 primary colors and a couple different types of fades. The white on the static 7 is closer to 5000k. SO, if you or your customer is particular please invest in the more expensive controller with the pause feature. This will allow to stop on any color in the fade or any shade of white available in the fade. Please pay close attention to there spec.'s if not using one of ours. All our RGB tape is common positive. (Common +12v and 3 Negative contacts one for each color Red, Green, Blue). Our controllers can handle the maximum continuous length of 10meters (or 3amp), any longer and you need a larger controller or signal amplifier. If this is confusing, email us, it really isn't. We just need to make sure you get everything you need to install this right the first time. See Also RGB Controller & RGB Signal Amplifier

Soldering Required to connect to ribbon / tape.

RGB Controller Required - NOT INCLUDED.

Requires DC power supply or LED Driver, see below for recommendations.

We've had excellent success with this product, however it is a more delicate version due to the amount of SMD contacts it's more susceptible to physical damage and tight bending. Please take extra care when handling and installing this product.

Discount applied automatically to cart for reel quantities (32')

We're offering a one year warranty based on 3 LED segments (4"), Life expectancy is about 50,000hrs but could be more or less depending on use, environment, operating voltage and protection.

Lengths are nominal and cut to the nearest foot. Cut marks at 100mm intervals. If you would like specific cuts please order them individually

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