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Product Name:  Maestro (M15) Accessory / Remote Dimmer
Product ID: MA-R- / MSC-AD-
Manufacturer: Lutron
Price: $16.50
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  Description: Maestro Multi-Location Dimmers with Designer Styling

Remote or Accessory Dimmer only. For use with all Maestro, Maestro IR, or Maestro RF wired 3-way or more Dimming Applications. Depending on application up to 9 companion dimmers may be added for dimming lights in any of those locations. (Load type is determined by Main / Master Dimmer). For Fans or Fan / Light check description or Literature for appropriate multi location accessory or companion controls

Maestro offers a full range of designer light controls, fan controls, and timers, in 27 colors, that allow you to adjust your lights and fans from anywhere in the room and even outside your home.

Product Family Features:
  • High performance personalized light control.
  • Dimmers offer customizable delayed fade to off, which lets you leave the room before lights go out.
  • LEDs glow softly in the dark for easy dimmer location and show preset light level when lights are off.
  • Multi-location dimming compatible with 3-way wiring for easy installation and retrofit.
  • Companion dimmers to dim from up to ten locations.
  • Maestro IR provides infrared remote control of lights and fans.
  • Fan controls offer 7 quiet speeds for enhanced comfort.
  • Timer can be set to operate fan or light for 5-60 minutes before turning off automatically.
  • Power failure memory - Maestro remembers your settings even after a power interruption.
  • Superior suppression of interference with radio and TV

This is Hank's most popular dimmer. We stock this item in all standard glossy finishes and select satin finishes including Eggshell, Biscuit, Desert Stone.
Other Finishes may be special ordered. Stock orders ship the same or next business day and special orders may take an additional 48 hours depending on availability.

Notes: Images shown with Claro or Satin Color Screwless Wallplates not included unless specified in description. Image Shown as illustration only, color or other features or attributes may be selected or are specific to a certain model. Satin colors are available at additional cost.

Manufacturers Page - CLICK HERE -

Submittal Sheet - Technical Info / Dimensions - CLICK HERE -

Advanced Programming Sheet - CLICK HERE -

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