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Product Name:  Vierti 6a 277volt Fluorescent Dimmer Single/Multi-Location Pole Dimmer by Lutron
Product ID: VTF-6AM-277-*-**
Manufacturer: Lutron
Price: $192.00
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Vierti - Modern, contemporary style for commercial and residential applications.

Vierti is a new single touch lighting control that sets lights to the perfect level.  With a sleek aesthetic and intuitive operation, Vierti brings a fresh style and innovative function to the world of lighting control.

  • Style - clean lines and smooth texture blend furnishings and architecture to create a minimalist presence, adding the finishing touch to a space
  • Versatility - a complete product line including dimmers, switches, and coordinating accessories
  • Customization - interchangeable LEDs available in blue, white, or green and a variety of wallplate colors and finishes
  • Function - Although Vierti has a sleek, sophisticated appearance, it isn't an intimidating product when it comes to functionality.  An intuitive operation ensures that with a single touch you'll be able to quickly and easily set the lights to the level of that touch. Vierti's intuitive operation makes it easier than ever before to set the perfect light level.  Simply touch the LEDs or slide your finger on them to create the atmosphere you want.

Go to the Interactive Demo for more information on product operation.

Vierti, is available in Incandescent 600watt & 1000watt, Low Voltage, and Fluorescent Versions. Most models are single/multi-location and use accessory dimmers for dimming from multiple locations. Switches are also available in a 6amp rating.

This really is a different dimmer, and looks real slick in multi-gang / dimmer applications. The control when demo's to us just couldn't be any more intuitive. Simply touch the bottom to turn this on and slide you finger across the lightbar to dim, it recalls the last level like any other preset dimmer and has a feel of operation similar to an Ipod. LED's are field changeable. It may have a heavy price tag but it certainly is one of the most unique and simple to use dimmers.