L.E.D. Cove Lighting Example

Here's a great example of how well this LED tape/strips work. The customer had installed probably a couple thousand dollars worth of Seagull ambiance and several transformers but still was un happy with the scalloping (lack of linearity) due to the spacing required on the festoon type setup of the Seagull system. With a relatively small cove cavity this is hard to avoid. But due to the close spacing and tiny size of the LEDs this is no problem. The color of the LED used here is the Warm White but appear more Yellow do to the finish of the walls & ceiling. The actual color is closer to the source of the LED which you can get hints of here in the linear section of the cove. This is also a daytime shot so you can see there is plenty of light from this tape for this application.

Midday LED off.
Midday LED on!!!

The power consumption of the previous system and equipment required is shown here. It was replaced by some dimmable LED power supplies we sell and consume about 1/10th the power. The total length of this installation is not pictured but was about 200 linear feet. We are powered with two 240watt LED dimmable drivers replacing the eleven yes 11 magnetic power supplies totaling about 3500watts!!! What an energy and heat savings. Not to mention the cleanliness and reduced maintenance of the new equipment. AND we can get it under one 600watt dimmer!!


This project used our:
  • Warm White LED tape (4 circuits totaling ~200' or ~380watts)
  • Dimmable LED Driver (2 at 4x60watt = 480watt potential)
  • Re-Used existing seagull wire
  • 1 Dimmer (without power booster!!)


In this application we replaced an existing Seagull Ambiance festoon type system. We still sell a lot of Seagull as well and if a greater amount of light is required and you have the room for it, it's a great option. If you have a very large cove we might recommend some fluorescent or dimmable fluorescent fixtures for indirect lighting.