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Lutron Diva© Series Dimmers:

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Diva Incandescent Dimmers (Regular Dimmers) - CLICK HERE-
Diva incandescent dimmers are the most common type used for most common incandescent (regular) and 120v Halogen lamps. They are available in 27 different finishes and 2 different wattages in both single pole and 3-way.
Glossy Satin
DV-600P DV-603P DVSC-600P DVSC-603P
DV-10P DV-103P DVSC-10P DVSC-103P

600 = 600watt Single Pole / 603 = 600watt 3-Way
10 = 1000watt Single Pole / 103 = 1000watt 3-Way

Diva Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmers (MLV) - CLICK HERE-
Diva Magnetic Low Voltage or MLV dimmers are commonly used for 4" and smaller recessed lighting, landscape lighting, cove, rail, cable, some under cabinet and limited constant voltage LED applications.
Glossy Satin

600 = 600va (450watt) Single Pole / 603 = 600va (450watt) 3-Way
10 = 1000va (800watt) Single Pole / 103 = 1000va (800watt) 3-Way

Diva Electronic Low Voltage Dimmers (ELV) - CLICK HERE-
Diva Electronic dimmers are typically used in track lighting, specialty recessed, and some niche and under cabinet lighting. These are only available in 300watt in the Diva series. For higher wattages use Maestro ELV dimmers. Most ELV dimmers require a Neutral wire connection, if there isn't a Neutral wire in your box you may check that your transformer is compatible with regular incandescent dimmers and use a regular Diva, although you may notice some quirks, flickers or flashing occasionally if you do.
Glossy Satin

300 = 300watt Single Pole / 303 = 300watt 3-Way

Diva Fluorescent Dimmers - CLICK HERE-
Diva Fluorescent Dimmers are perhaps one of the more complicated to understand. To dim fluorescent you need a dimmable fluorescent lamp or dimmable ballast driving your lamp. If you know you have a dimmable fluorescent system then you need to know the control type, typically: CFL screw in lamp, 2-wire, 3-wire or 0-10v (though there are others). If you know all that you may still need to check the line voltage if in a commercial application, it may be 277vac. Are you still with me? If so here are your choices. If not here's some more info or please don't hesitate to email or call us.
Glossy Satin
DVCL-153P for CFL Screw In DVSCCL-153P for CFL Screw In
DVF-103P for 3-wire ballasts DVF-103P-277 for 277v 3-wire ballasts DVSCF-103P for 3-wire ballasts DVSCF-103P-277 for 277v 3-wire ballasts
DVFTU-5A3P for 2-Wire Dimmable Ballasts DVSCFTU-5A3P for 2-Wire Dimmable Ballasts
DVTV for 0-10v control DVSCTV for 0-10v control

153 = 150watt Single Pole & 3-Way
103 = 8amp(120v) or 6a (277v) Single Pole & 3-Way
5A3P = 5amp Single Pole & 3-Way

Diva LED Dimmers - CLICK HERE-
Other Diva dimmers may also be able to dim your dimmable LED product, Lamp Fixture, Power Supply or Driver. May be even more confusing than dimming fluorescent, LED's have unique and similar dimming issues. You need to know your control type, load type, and if you LED's are even dimmable. Currently most dimmable electronic drivers are constant current and require 0-10v controls and with the Power Supply's constant voltage type are typical, requiring an MLV type dimmer. If you LED(s) are dimmable it will say on the packaging somewhere they are usually proud of that. If it doesn't say it probably isn't or I would ask, drop us an email or call. If you are considering a different type of dimmer like a Maestro please also take a moment to understand the minimum load required for 'Smart' Dimmers.
Glossy Satin
DVCL-153P for most dimmable LED Lamps and recessed lighting, some 120v LED strips and Pucks DVSCCL-153P for most dimmable LED Lamps and recessed lighting, some 120v LED strips and Pucks
DVTV* for LED Drivers requiring 0-10v control DVSCTV* for LED Drivers requiring 0-10v control

153 = 150watt Single Pole & 3-Way
* for DVTV additional wiring and relay may be required

Diva Accessories & Wallplate's (Plugs & Switches) - CLICK HERE-
Lutron has a complete line of switches, receptacles, cable, phone and ethernet jacks to compliment the Diva Series dimmers. Most are also available in 27 different finishes and various configurations. There is also a unique receptacle for dimming as well as Maestro series timers, combination devices and motion sensors.
Most of the items below are available in both Glossy and Satin Finishes.
Switches Receptacles Cable Jack Phone Jack
Illuminated Switches Dimming Receptacle 6 Port Frame Combination Devices
Screwless Wallplate's Motion Sensors Timers Regular Wallplate's


Diva Fan Speed Control - CLICK HERE-
Sadly there is only one Diva Fan Speed Control:

DVFSQ-F and DVSCFSQ-F for up to 1.5 ceiling and paddle type fans.

If you are looking for other fan speed control options please consider the Maestro line or for Higher capacities the Nova Line.